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Synopsis: The story follows the coincidental experience of an American Journalist, who seeks to interview a reputable preacher based on his perception of the latter's role in the miraculous recovery of a popular chief in Benin City, whose recovery happened spontaneously after six years in a coma.
Synopsis: The movie Excess Luggage tells the compelling story of Douglas and Eyinnaya, two cousins separated by physical distance and financial status, but on a road trip from the village to the metropolitan city of Lagos, Eyinnaya and his archaic wife Ugomma and son encounter a breakdown in their car and decide to branch over at Douglas’s estate for a one night visit that turns everyone’s life upside down.
Synopsis: A mysterious stranger comes into a stripper’s life at the same time, a serial killer goes around town murdering ladies. One is left to wonder if it is a mere coincidence or an ominous design of fate.
Synopsis: After Basi, a music producer, quarrels with his protege Kachi, a talented singer, over her partying ways, she abandons him for Johnson, a bigger music producer in town. The breakup hits Basi hard. Meanwhile, Ella, a prostitute escapes from her abusive pimp to another city to start a new life. She finds an apartment right next to Basi’s flat, where she would hear Basi playing mournfully on the piano each night. Ella and Basi paths cross, and after much pleading from Ella, they develop a relationship that changes both their lives forever.'
Synopsis: “Potato Potahto” tells the story of a divorced couple whose plans to share their matrimonial home descend into chaos after the husband Tony brings in an attractive female house help. When his ex-wife Lulu then hires an attractive young man to help her out, a roller coaster ride of laughter, jealousy and tears ensues.

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